Welcome to 12twelve. 12twelve Chiropractic office is located in Iidabashi, Tokyo.

We are a group of manual therapists, coming from a background of Chiropractic education. All of our therapists have completed a 4year full time education from CCEA accredited Chiropractic College. The Head doctor is a U.S National Board licensed Chiropractor.
We specialize in Chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation active care for the muscle, joint and nerve to meet your unique health and fitness goals.


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We help a variety of conditions from patients.
Symptoms: Neck pain (Acute & Chronic), Low back pain (Acute & Chronic), Hip pain, Sciatica, Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder, Wrist pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Headache, Tennis elbow, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Running injuries, Knee pain, Wellness and health maintenance care…..etc



Service and Fee (Tax included)

・Initial treatment(55-60mins) / 8,300yen
・Standard treatment(35~40minutes) / 5,800yen
・Advanced treatment(60minutes) / 8,300yen
※including Chiropractic adjustment, Soft tissue treatment, FAKTR treatment etc…


Office Hours

Monday to Friday AM 10:00 to PM 20:00
Saturday AM 9:00 to PM 17:00


Access: Iidabashi 3-1-9, Nakamura Building 2F, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Contact phone: 03-6261-4430